732/21 Second Street, King Street, United Kingdom +65.4566743

AboutFood & Beverage


Nothing brings people together better than Food & Beverage.

We have a small, dimly lit, intimate setting and our objective is simple: provide exceptional service, and exceptional food. We’re clearly not reinventing the wheel, nor are we the first people to say this, but our approach is different, and you will notice it. Passion is contagious.  When you step into our doors you can feel it.  The energy, the setting, the cocktails and the small plates are filled with it.  You’re not sitting at a table, you’re sitting at our table, as our guest, and we take that with pride. You can choose many places to dine, to drink, to interact, to relax, to enjoy, and we know that.  That’s why we share our passion with each and every person who walks in our doors. Thank you for choosing us.  Thank you letting us do what we love to do. Cheers The F&B Family